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How do we work with you?

Our process for working with new clients has been set up to to be as FAIR as possible to all parties, and allow you to pay for each stage as you go along without being obliged to proceed further.

The process can be split into FOUR main stages which can be summarised by the acronym FAIR.

FFree initial consultation or meeting, to explain how we work and determine how best we can help you. This meeting can be anything between 30 minutes and 1 hour and is at no cost or obligation to you.  We are happy to invest this initial time with you free of charge so you fully understand how we work and how we can help you.If we agree that you wish to proceed to the next stage, we schedule a “Discovery” meeting. This is to discuss, define and record your goals and objectives in detail, and is quoted on a fixed fee basis and paid in advance of the meeting. Prior to this meeting, we will ask you to complete a basic financial questionnaire to establish your current financial situation.

AAdvice, which is usually delivered by means of a written report, followed up by a recommendations meeting. After your discovery meeting, you choose if you wish to engage us to produce a recommendations report. The fee for producing this report is paid for by cheque (usually £470- £870) in advance. The report explains our recommendations of exactly what you need to do, why you should do it and the fixed fees and costs involved in doing it. After you receive the report we will hold a “recommendations meeting” when the contents of the report will be fully explained to you and all your questions answered. You are not obliged to implement any of the recommendations contained in the report. Most clients are happy to proceed without the written report as long as the costs of implementing our advice are clear. If this is your view, we will proceed on that basis.

IImplementation of our recommendations. After the recommendations meeting you decide which, if any, of our recommendations you wish to implement immediately. You pay for this implementation by cheque or bank transfer, as you prefer. The fees are fixed (we do not charge on an hourly basis) and declared to you in advance with your recommendations. In some cases, further meetings are required if the advice being implemented involves complex plans. As we deal with the administration required to implement your new plans we will update you at least every two weeks of our progress.

RReview regularly. Once the initial implementation has been completed, we meet again for a “Service and consolidation meeting” to review your current situation and agree on a long-term review and maintenance plan to help ensure your long-term objectives are met. This is done by either paying a regular monthly fee or paying for meetings as and when you decide to hold them. This review process will be explained in full to you at the free initial meeting.

If you have any further questions, please call us or Email us.

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