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Our 100% money back guarantee!

We want you to be delighted with the work we do for you, and are therefore pleased to offer an unconditional service guarantee.

  • If our service falls short of your expectations for any individual transaction, we will refund any amount that you consider to be appropriate, up to the total fee for that transaction, irrespective of our views. – that’s a full money back guarantee!

Now obviously I would prefer to caveat that;

To be fair, if we have paid outside firms such as solicitors or tax advisers to carry out work on your behalf we will not be able to refund that element of any fee paid to us.

The main things we want to achieve by offering this service guarantee are that it helps people understand we are serious about how we deal with you and I am prepared to “put my money where my mouth is”

We believe most people are honest and would not claim on this guarantee unless we have fallen down on our promises. However because the guarantee exists, we make every effort to make sure there is never a need to claim on it. This results in high quality levels of service.

To discuss this guarantee or any other part of our service please call us on 01528 447069 or Email us

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