Why Should I pay the fixed fee?

Despite what many would have you believe, there is no such thing as “free” advice. As is the case with most things in life, you get what you pay for. A fixed fee quoted to you in advance of work being carried out gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly what you will get for your money in advance of proceeding. Hourly rate charging does not give you this benefit.

What are the differences in your approach?

The differences in the Bluebond approach are:

  • We will fully discuss all payment options with you at our first meeting.
  • Our role is that of trusted adviser and not financial product salesperson.
  • We wish to create long-term relationships with our clients, working with them and understanding both their private and business lives, enabling us to offer comprehensive and integrated help and guidance without bias.

The results of poor advice can be far more costly than the fees we charge.

What is special about your services?

The following are points we consider most important:

  • Our holistic approach to tax planning and estate planning – treating all aspects of your financial life as part of a connected plan – recognising the connections and where possible finding solutions that deal with more than any single issue.
  • It is normally quite difficult to find someone to deal with all aspects of Inheritance Tax advice. We engage our high-quality partner lawyers for the trust work on your behalf. We usually handle all the other advice ourselves and seek help from other specialists in the unusual event we require it.
  • The emphasis we place on life planning for the future and regularly reviewing your situation.
  • Our long-term approach to client relationships – you will always deal with the same adviser unless you agree to a change.
  • Relatively high staffing levels to ensure a higher than usual level of service – we are prepared to accept a lower profit margin to achieve this.
  • A highly structured approach to the way we carry out any analytical work on your behalf.
  • Early adoption of the latest technology and approaches to business systems – we have developed our own unique computer software tools to help us ensure you receive an efficient and effective service.
  • Our range of skills and experience – our advisers have more than 20 years’ experience in the tax planning profession.
  • Our programme of continuous professional development and determination to be competent, reliable, proactive and helpful.
  • All our fees are pre-agreed with you so you know exactly what it will cost you before we start working on your behalf.
  • Our quality of service guarantee.

How will your services benefit me?

We recognise that people care most about legally avoiding tax as quickly and safely as possible without wasting money along the way.

  • We help you find ways of helping you with your Inheritance Tax and estate planning as simply and securely as possible.
  • We help you recognise and reduce the inherent risks in a way which considerably improves the likelihood of your success.
  • We help you do this by selecting the most appropriate strategies.
  • We help you implement the most suitable strategies.

What happens after the video tutorial course & webinar?

We ask if you would like to hold a “IHT Soloutions” webinar which will last approximately 1 hour. Prior to that meeting, we will ask you to complete a detailed financial current situation questionnaire. This is essential to ensure we are basing our advice on the correct information and save time at your meeting to concentrate on explaining suitable strategies to solve your IHT problem.

During that meeting we:

  • Clarify how we work with you.
  • Clarify your financial circumstances goals and objectives.
  • Explain the strategies which we believe are most suitable for you and why.
  • Explain all the fees and costs involved in implementing those strategies.
  • Provide you with enough information to enable you to decide whether you wish to utilise our services.

This meeting is paid for in advance but is held without obligation. Before this meeting, we will provide you with a report explaining our recommendations and the cost in writing.  The IHT solutions webinar is to answer all your questions on the report we have provided you. Should you decidein principle to proceed with some of those recommendations, a full personal 1-1 recommendations meeting is held to explain those recommendations in more detail if required. After the 1-1 meeting you can fully decide what you wish to porceed with and we will send you full details of all your personal costs and charges before you proceed.

It may take more than one recommendations meeting to complete all the required paperwork to implement our recommendations.

What sort of guarantee do I have on the quality of your service?

Firstly we would like to point out that it is very rare to get any sort of service guarantee from a professional services company.

We want you to be delighted with the work we do for you. We are therefore pleased to offer you an unconditional service guarantee. If our service falls short of your expectations for any individual transaction, we will refund any amount that you consider to be appropriate, up to the total fee for that transaction, irrespective of our views.

How much time will be needed to resolve my IHT problems?

As an individual client, once the initial series of meetings is concluded, we may require as little as one meeting each year. If you are a retired client, meetings every 3 years may be all that is necessary. We ensure that every client is treated individually and we will set up a suitable number of review meetings to ensure you meet your goals and objectives,

How do I find out more?

It may seem strange to potentially put off prospective clients and ask you to learn more about our program before contacting us.

However, we are only willing to work with people who are sufficiently committed to putting in the time and effort required to understand at least the fundamentals of Inheritance Tax before contacting us to arrange a face to face meeting.

As such we ask all prospective clients to register for our initial FREE video tutorial which is a series of videos followed by a FREE webinar. This IHT tutorial is probably the most comprehensive available online today.

What areas of the country do you cover?

As we work mainly by online meetings we cover all areas of the country.

For clients who are not highly computer literate, this may sound daunting at first.  However, it is as simple as opening an email and click on a link to be connected. Once most clients have done this once they are happy to continue receiving advice this way. It is so simple and convenient never having to leave home. All is required is that you have a good broadband connection and we will help sort out the rest.

If you would prefer a face to face meeting we are happy to meet with you at our offices in Wheathampstead near St Albans ( AL4 8FE). We can, of course, meet clients at their homes if required but to ensure we treat all clients fairly we will have to charge our travelling time at £150 per hour.

How to avoid Inheritance tax

Find your financial peace of mind and learn how to avoid Inheritance tax with our most comprehensive course on the UK market. The course is available for free to anyone interested in IHT solutions. Sign up today.

You are the sole judge of our performance. We believe that your perception of our performance is the reality. If anything we do falls short of your expectations, we are pleased to offer you a money back service guarantee.