Financial calculators & other tools

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Financial healthcheck (CFEB)

Not sure where to start in order to take control of your finances?  This financial healthcheck provides some tips.



Cut-back calculator (CFEB)

Just where does all your money go?  This calculator can help you identify where you can make savings on regular purchases.

Budget calculator (CFEB)

This simple calculator helps you to work out how much money you have available each month.

Savings calculator (CFEB)

Find out how your savings may grow in the future with this calculator.  Or, use it to help work out how you can meet your savings goal.


Credit card calculator (Which?)

Use this credit card repayment calculator to work out when you’re likely to pay off your existing bill and how much quicker you could do it by paying a higher monthly repayment.

Loan calculator (CFEB)

Work out what your monthly repayments might be for various loan amounts, repayment periods and interest rates with this loan calculator.

Mortgage calculator (CFEB)

Use this calculator to find out how much your monthly mortgage repayments are likely to be.  You’ll be able to estimate the size of mortgage you can afford.


Parenting calculators (CFEB)

This range of calculators will help you work out the cost of having children, from babies onwards.  You can also work out the cost of a variety of childcare arrangements.

Student finance calculator (Directgov)

Work out how much finance your child, studying for higher education, may be entitled to.


Buildings insurance calculator (Association of British Insurers)

This calculator gives a general idea of costs for rebuilding five types of property within the UK.  Please remember, rebuilding costs can vary depending on individual circumstances.

Lease extension calculator (

This calculator gives a general guide to costs for renewing a lease on a property.


Pension calculator (CFEB)

This calculator is to help you work out how much retirement income you might receive from saving in a personal, stakeholder or group personal pension.

State Pension age calculator (Directgov)

Found out your State Pension here.

Get a Pension Credit estimate (Directgov)

Use this online calculator to get an estimate of how much Pension Credit you may be entitled to.


Benefits adviser (Directgov)

Whether you are new to benefits or already on benefits, this tool can help you get a benefits estimate or chack which available benefits to claim.

Debt test (CFEB)

Should you be worried about what you owe?  This debt test will help you to see if you are likely to have a problem with your borrowing over the next year or so.

Debt Remedy (Consumer Credit Counselling Service)

This service will help you find the best solution of you are worried about debt.

Find a Growth Fund lender (Department for Work and Pensions)

Find a list of the organisations that have been awarded contracts to deliver the Growth Fund.

Stakeholder pensions – decision trees (CFEB)

Use this to help you decide if a stakeholder pension would be a good choice for you as part of you retirement planning.

Contracting out planner (The Pensions Advisory Service)

This planner will help you decide whether you should contract-in or contract-out of the State Second Pension.

Annuity planner (The Pensions Advisory Service)

Help for the decision-making process for purchasing an annuity.

State Pension forecast (Directgov)

Use this to find out how much State Pension you may get.

Pension Tracing Service (Directgov)

Have you lost details about a pension scheme and need help to contact the provider?  Use this service to see if it can help.

Voluntary National Insurance Contribution Planner (The Pensions Advisory Service)

This planner is to help you decide whether or not to boost your Basic State Pension by paying Class 3 National Insurance Contributions.

Trace lost accounts and savings (My Lost Account)

Help for people to find lost accounts.

Find lost or unclaimed life policies, pensions and other investments (Experian Unclaimed Assets Register)

Use this service to help find your lost or unclaimed life policies, pensions and other investments.

Pension Tracing Service (Directgov)

This service may be able to help you find details about a pension scheme and the provider if you have lost them.

Student tax checker (HM Revenue & Customs)

Use this if you think you have overpaid tax and are due a refund.

Check if you qualify for tax credits (HM Revenue & Customs)

If you have a new baby, find out what tax credits you are entitled to here.

Childcare indicator (HM Revenue & Customs)

This online calculator can help you decide if you’d be better off taking childcare vouchers rather than tax credits if your employer offers the vouchers.