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Our specialist inheritance tax service is easier, simpler and more cost effective than using a lawyer, accountant or financial adviser.

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Provided you live 7 years and follow our advice we will help you eliminate your Inheritance tax and probably save you significant income tax too.

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We help you to grow, manage and protect your wealth. Our specialist Inheritance tax service is designed to give you financial peace of mind.

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 Our 18+ years experience of working with high net worth clients means we rarely meet a client we cannot help.

Watch how we solved our client Frank's Inheritance tax problem and saved him both time and money at the same time.

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We will help you to easily solve your Estate and Inheritance tax problems at a lower cost than nearly all lawyers or accountants

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How Does the 7 Year Inheritance Tax Rule Work?

How Does the 7 Year Inheritance Tax Rule Work? This blog explains some of the complicated rules around Inheritance Tax, including Taper Relief and the seven-year rule. It’s very important that you understand these rules and how they work because if you get them wrong, it could cost you a lot of money. The Seven

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Easy guide to probate

What is probate? Everything a person owns; their possessions, money and property make up their estate. When this person dies, the estate must be distributed according to their Will, if it exists. Applying for the legal right to perform the distribution is called probate. Probate is granted to the person(s) named the executor (s) in

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How to Use a Flexible Reversionary Trust to Avoid Inheritance Tax

There are many different types of trusts, such as Discretionary Trusts or Immediate Post Death Interest Trusts, which all have different benefits. However, for the vast majority of people who are looking to place assets out of their estate for inheritance tax reasons, using a Flexible Reversionary Trust is one of the best methods to accomplish their inheritance tax aims.

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What is an Inheritance Tax Trust

A trust is a separate legal entity. This means that it exists separately in English law in the same way that each person is treated separately for tax purposes. A trust functions to ensure that you, or someone you choose, can retain control of your assets.

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Is Estate Planning More Important than Inheritance Tax Planning?

Watch the video or Continue reading. What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is putting in place Wills and Lifetime Trusts to ensure your desired outcome, regarding who benefits from your estate, is achieved. Essentially, this means that the right people get the right money at the right time. It is all about ‘bloodline protection’ as

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