Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

Specialist IHT Advisers with over 18 years experience

We act as one central point for legal, financial and tax advice to put in place the right plans which eliminate Inheritance Tax. Our goal is to ensure that assets remain in your family bloodline using bespoke Wills and Trusts.

We offer individual solutions which meet specific needs and wishes of our clients. Taking our advice is usually more cost-effective over the long term than just taking out an insurance policy. Specialising in assets valued over £1.5 million helps us understand Inheritance Tax and Estate planning better than a generalist adviser.

Our IHT Advice Services

Help you to gain a true understanding of the complexities involved and the alternatives options to you.

Help to define your Estate Planning goals within the framework of your lifetime requirements.

Provide a written plan recommending solutions and implementation strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Meet with you and your beneficiaries to fully explain the recommended solutions and strategies.

Help to ensure the required, often complex, paperwork is processed efficiently and accurately to completion.

£10,000,000+ Saved

We help you to ensure your financial plans align with your life plans.

100+ Happy Clients

We help you grow, manage and protect your wealth from Inheritance Tax.

18+ Years of Experience

We help you ensure your assets are passed to your children tax efficiently.

Protect your wealth from Inheritance Tax

Check our video guide about how to avoid Inheritance Tax

We know understanding how to avoid Inheritance Tax is complex. It’s also not effective to avoid Inheritance Tax only to end up paying another type of tax. For that reason, we have developed the IHT Video Guide to help all people dealing with Inheritance Tax issues.

We are the only Advisers who provide comprehensive information in advance through our free video tutorial to ensure all of our clients get the best of Inheritance Tax financial planning. Our comprehensive and experienced Tax Planning advice will help you avoid or reduce your taxes.

What our clients say about us

Frank Hibberd – Retired gentleman

It is gratifying to finally come across an Adviser who gives sensible ongoing advice which is very client focused. In our case in particular, it is nice to know that we now have high degree of certainty on our  Inheritance Tax liabilities for the future.

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Tony & Sue Perriss 

… I am writing to thank you for your help on our Inheritance Tax and Estate planning. It is nice to know that we can now be certain that our daughter will inherit our money without giving a large slice of it to the government – unless we decide to spend it first.

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D & T Pattie – Retired Couple

We thank you for your patience in explaining things several times over as we tried to grasp and understand the intricacies of Inheritance Tax and how to mitigate the effect on our estate. We look forward to working with you for many years.

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