How To Avoid Inheritance Tax

Find the best way how to avoid Inheritance Tax with our free IHT Video tutorial

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Protect your Wealth

The main reason people end up paying inheritance tax is that they find it too complex to solve the problem and then take no action at all. This lack of action will have a severe tax impact on your children and grandchildren.

With our help, your children pay no Inheritance Tax at all.

Let us help you with your IHT planning

For over 17 years, we have been helping clients who have over £1 million in assets (excluding rental property) to ensure that their children will receive all wealth with no tax.

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Our entire process is specifically designed to make eliminating your Inheritance tax liability as simple and easy as possible.

The first essential step is for you to gain a good understanding of how Inheritance Tax works. You then also need to learn about the different strategies you can use to avoid it. We want to help you make that first step easily. This is why we have developed free comprehensive How to avoid UK Inheritance Tax video tutorial programme.

IHT video tutorial

Below short videos will explain you the  reasons you will benefit from registering for this tutorial about IHT. Please note this course is only designed for people with assets in excess of £1 million (excluding rental property) who live in England or Wales.

Why you should register for our Inheritance Tax course Part 1
Why you should register for our Inheritance Tax course Part 2