Why Use An Inheritance Tax Specialist?

Cutting taxes

Why do we mainly work with people who are millionaires to help them avoid Inheritance Tax?

As Inheritance Tax specialists we help clients with assets over £1 million avoid Inheritance Tax. If your assets exceed £1 million in value, or at least close to it, you face a number of financial issues not encountered by most other people. These issues mainly focus around reducing your overall tax burden and ensuring you pass most of your hard earned wealth onto your family. You need a specialist adviser who is highly experienced in working with people with similar problems.

Specialising in this value range helps us understand your Inheritance Tax and Estate planning better than a generalist adviser. We choose to specialise in an area where very few other advisers work.

As the value of your property and wealth increases, 40% of that value will simply go to the taxman unless you take action and start your planning early. It is also likely that trying to deal with this highly complex area yourself will probably result in expensive mistakes. The fees we charge are insignificant compared to the amount of money we can save you and your family.

What type of people are typical Bluebond clients?

Very simply, their current total assets exceed £1 million in value. This includes the following assets:

  • Current equity in their main residence and other property in the UK or abroad
  • Current saleable value of their business if applicable
  • Total current value of assets less the value of any debts
  • The current value of other assets such as royalties or trust funds

How do I know you can help me?

We have been Inheritance Tax specialists working with wealthy clients on their Inheritance Tax mitigation financial plans and providing tax help for over 17 years so it is unlikely we cannot help you.

Firstly have a look around this website in particular – our services, our approach, and our service guarantee sections.

Any questions on why we deal mainly with clients who are millionaires for Inheritance Tax planning?

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