Our Inheritance Tax Client Profile

What types of people become our clients?

Most of our clients have assets exceed £1 million and as such have a large future Inheritance Tax problem. We have been helping these clients for over 18 years. They are referred to us for advice relating to our specialty in Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax planning. These are considered to be some of the most complex areas of financial planning and so require specialist advisers.

Most of our clients are based in London and the surrounding home counties.

Clients Case Studies

Please find below practical examples of cases we have worked on and see if you find the situation of either of these clients familiar to you.

Case Study #1

Client with current assets in excess of £1.5 million

Case Study #2

Client with current assets in excess of £5 million

We are IHT specialists for clients with assets over £1 million

If your assets exceed £1 million in value, or at least close to it, you face a number of financial IHT issues not encountered by most other people.

As mentioned above, most of our new clients have current assets valued in excess of £1 million. This includes the following assets:

1. Current equity in their main residence and other property in the UK or abroad.

2. Total current value of cash, pensions and investments less the value of any debts.

3. Current saleable value of their business shares if applicable.

4. Current value of other assets such as royalties or trust funds.


We ask you to:
  • Give us all the information we need to do the work, to the timescale that you have specified.
  • Make time available to work on items we’ve agreed upon.
  • You also agree to complete and return any paperwork we have asked you to as promptly as possible.
  • Cancel pre-agreed meetings with us only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Agree to give strong consideration to any advice we offer – and we acknowledge your right to reject that advice.
  • Always advise us of any concerns or worries you have about any aspect of your finances.
  • Advise us of any ways you feel our service to you and other clients may be improved.
  • If you are happy with our services and to help enable us to build a profitable high quality Inheritance Tax advice company of which we can be proud, we would be very pleased if you recommend our service to at least two potentially good clients per year.

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