Inheritance Tax Advisers Bedfordshire

Will I have to pay Inheritance Tax?

If your assets including your home currently exceed £650,000 the answer is yes.As house prices in Bedfordshire continue to escalate at a remarkable rate the amount of tax that your family will eventually pay is likely to increase dramatically. It is important you look at your financial planning and Inheritance Tax planning sooner rather than later.

We are specialist Inheritance Tax advisers in Bedfordshire

How can you legally avoid this punitive tax and still ensure you maintain your own standard of living?

Here at Bluebond, we specialise in estate planning and Inheritance Tax planning. With over 17 years’ experience in this area, we will be able to advise you what will be best for you and your family. It is extremely unlikely we will not be able to help you as this has never been the case until now. Most of the recommendations we make will take 7 years to become fully effective but for the elderly or if you do not believe you will live 7 years due to ill health the tax can be avoided in two years. This area, in particular, requires experienced specialist help and advice.

Get the right Inheritance Tax advice

The first meeting is at no charge and no obligation. At this meeting, we will introduce ourselves and explain how our company operates and the fees involved. By the end of the first meeting, we will have ascertained with you what inheritance tax planning is needed to meet your current needs and circumstances. In this  highly complex area of financial advice, it is important to get an experienced specialist adviser to help you with these important decisions. Our offices are based in Wheathampstead, but we are happy to meet you face to face at your home in or around Bedfordshire.

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