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Inheritance tax Essex

Are you concerned about the amount of inheritance tax your children will pay when you eventually pass on?

House values in Essex have increased by a large amount over the last few years and are likely to increase by higher than average over the coming years. While you are probably quite pleased by this if you own a home in Essex, the fact is that unless you take action it is likely a large amount of the gain made will go to the taxman in Inheritance tax.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Essex

So how can you avoid this punitive tax while still ensure that you continue to maintain your current standard of living?

Our company specialises in estate planning and inheritance tax planning and our advisers have been advising clients in this area for over 16 years.  We provide expert advice, we do not usually suggest life insurance plans as the first option, as this type of planning is expensive over the longer term; we look at much cheaper alternative and better methods such as trust based advice. This area of advice is highly specialised and in fact, we run a separate company to train other financial advisers in this area.

We strongly recommend you avoid delay in making contact with us as it usually takes 7 years for assets to fall out of your estate once the plans are in place. If however, you believe that you are unlikely to survive for 7 years it is possible to mitigate the tax within two years. Once again this, in particular, is an area where highly experienced specialist help is invaluable as a small error can be costly.

Bluebond is based in Wheathampstead, on the outskirts of Harpenden but we are happy to visit you at your home or business address in Essex.

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