Inheritance tax advice in Harpenden

Multiple trust planning

Inheritance tax advice in Harpenden

Are you concerned about the amount of inheritance tax your children will pay when you eventually pass on?

If the price of property in Harpenden continues to increase every year as is reasonable to presume what will be the amount of tax that your family eventually end up paying?

Are other advisers just suggesting expensive insurance plans? There are much cheaper and better methods such as trusts to avoid inheritance tax.

Bluebond are specialist estate planning and inheritance tax advisers based in Wheathampstead just outside of Harpenden in Hertfordshire. Our solutions involve advising you on the most suitable types of trusts and other types of tax mitigation plans to ensure your beneficiaries pay as little inheritance tax as possible while still making sure you maintain your standard of living.

We have been giving inheritance tax advice in Harpenden for over 18 years and have yet to find a client we could not help. The solutions we offer will be tailored to your specific need and wishes and are usually cheaper than just taking out an insurance policy.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Harpenden

If your assets already exceed £800,000, how much will they be worth by the time you pass on? The amount of tax your children will pay if you do not take action will be very high. Some simple planning and action can avoid this.

It takes 7 years for assets to fall out of your estate once the planning is done, so do not delay in taking action. If you are elderly or if you believe your health is poor and so you may not live the required 7 years it takes for most planning to be effective it is possible to mitigate the tax within 2 years. This type of planning requires specialist help and advice as a small error could end up proving to be expensive for your family.

Call us or email us for advice. We offer a free first meeting at no obligation to explain how our service works and how best we can help you on your inheritance tax advice.