Inheritance Tax Advice Hatfield

Inheritance tax advice hatfield
Trust and inheritance tax

Inheritance tax advice Hatfield

Inheritance Tax – Will your family have to pay? Is this what you want to happen with your hard earned money?

Inheritance Tax has to be paid before your money and belongings can be distributed to the people in your Will. If your assets exceed £800,000 now then it is more than likely that as house prices in Hatfield rise your family will be liable to a large inheritance tax by the time you pass on.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Hatfield

What can you do about it while still ensuring you retain your own standard of living?

Here at Bluebond Inheritance tax planning we specialise in estate planning and inheritance tax planning and our inheritance tax advisers have over 17 years of experience in this field to advise you on what to do.

We will look at your present financial position and advise you the best way forward. The plan must be tailor made to suit you and experience in this complex are is essential as a small mistake can prove costly to your family.

We always recommend that you don’t delay with this advice, the ruling is that if you die within seven years of putting the trust in place, your beneficiaries will possibly now have to pay Inheritance Tax however if you die after 7 years your assets will fall outside of your estate and your beneficiaries will have no inheritance to pay.

If you are over 75 or you have with a large estate experienced advice is essential

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