Inheritance tax advice in Hemel Hempstead


Trust and inheritance tax
Inheritance tax advice Hemel Hempstead

Inheritance tax advice Hemel Hempstead

Will my children pay inheritance tax when I die?

If the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘I don’t know’ you clearly need help.

Speak to an experienced specialist in this area.

The key question to ask yourself is ‘Do my assets exceed £800,000?  If so your children will end up paying a significant amount in inheritance tax.

Worse stiil, if house prices in Hemel Hempstead continue to grow over the coming years which is a reasonable assumption – the amount of tax your family will end up paying could be much bigger than it needs to be if you take sensible action early enough.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Hemel Hempstead

Our company Bluebond has been specialising in estate planning and inheritance tax advice for over 18 years and we can help and advise you on what cause of action to take. It is unlikely that we will not be able to help you as that has never been the case to date. We will not usually recommend expensive insurance plans that are commonly sold by other adviser firms but discuss with the right trust plan according to your financial situation.

Most of the planning we advise on takes 7 years to become fully effective but if you are elderly or are in bad health it is easily possible to mitigate the tax within two years. Specialist help is essential as a small error could end up being expensive for your family.

Our offices are situated in Wheathampstead, 10 miles from Hemel Hempstead. We generally meet our clients at their home so you will not have to travel to us.

The first meeting is at no charge as at this meeting we will introduce ourselves and explain how our company operates. At the end of this meeting we will have ascertained with you what inheritance tax planning is needed to meet your  own personal needs and circumstances.

Don’t delay, call us or email us for advice today on your inheritance tax advice.