Inheritance Tax Advice In Letchworth

Inheritance tax advice in Letchworth
Trust and inheritance tax Letchworth

Inheritance tax advice in Letchworth

Are you concerned about the amount of inheritance tax your children or beneficiaries will pay?

If the value of your home and any other property in Letchworth continues to increase at its present rate the amount of tax payable will increase dramatically over the years.

How can you legally mitigate the tax and still ensure you maintain your own standard of living?

Here at the Bluebond Group we have highly experienced Advisers who specialise in estate planning and inheritance tax planning.

Our solutions involve advising you on the most suitable type of trusts and other types of tax mitigation plans to ensure your beneficiaries pay as little inheritance tax as possible while still making sure you maintain your standard of living.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Letchworth

The Bluebond Group are specialist inheritance tax advisers who have been advising clients in this area for over 18 years. The solutions we offer will be tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

IF you have assets that exceed £800,00 already, the amount of tax you pay will be far higher by the time you pass on. With some simple planning, you can avoid leaving your family a large inheritance tax bill.

As it takes 7 years for the assets to fall outside your estate once any plans are put in place, we highly recommend you do not delay. If however, you are over 76 and /or you are in poor health it is possible to mitigate the tax within two years but experienced help is essential as an error could result in an expensive liability.

Our offices are based in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire and we are happy to travel to clients in and around Letchworth area. The first appointment is free without obligation.

Contact us now to arrange an appointment, please email or call us for your inheritance tax advice