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Can I reduce my inheritance tax bill?

The question should be – Can you reduce your inheritance tax bill without taking a chance on reducing your own lifestyle?

Will your children pay a lot of tax simply because you left it too late to take experienced specialist advice?

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Luton

If you live in Luton and your assets including the value of your home exceed £800,000 now, ask yourself what will they be worth by the time you pass on? Dealing with your estate planning and inheritance tax planning will be one of the biggest single money saving tasks you can do.

The Bluebond Group has been specialising in inheritance and estate planning for over 17 years and our advisers will work with you to ensure that your family pay as little inheritance tax as legally possible. Face to face advice is the best way to go in most cases and so a highly experienced who lives close to Luton will be very useful.

House prices in Luton and the surrounding areas are likely to increase by substantial amounts over the next 10 years and so if your estate is close to £800,000 now consider what it will be over the years and take early action.

Our services are offered on a fixed fee basis and all fees will be disclosed before we carry out any work on your behalf. The first meeting is at our expense and at no obligation to you. This meeting is so that you can understand how our service works and how best we can help you.

The Bluebond Group is based just on the outskirts of Harpenden, 8 miles from Luton, we are available to discuss your requirements with you at your convenience and would be happy to meet you face to face at your home or workplace.

If you just want a question or queried answered please let us know.

To arrange a free, no obligation first meeting with us, please call or email us today.