Inheritance Tax Advice in Middlesex

The prices of property in and around Middlesex is likely to continue to grow at a significant rate over the coming years and this will have a huge impact on the level of tax your beneficiaries pay in Inheritance Tax.
So how do you go about avoiding the tax but still ensuring you maintain your own standard of living?

We are specialist Inheritance Tax advisers in Middlesex

House prices are likely to continue to rise. What impact will this have on how much Inheritance Tax your family eventually pays?

You need a purpose built plan or strategy based around your own particular need and circumstances. Bluebond are Inheritance Tax advisers based in Harpenden near Middlesex who have specalised in helping clients avoid Inheritance Tax and also protect their estates in case their children get divorced for over 18 years. As such it is very unlikely that we will not be able to help you.

There are a lot of ideas and help as to the workings of estate planning and Inheritance Tax on this site but in the end it will come down to getting good experienced specialist help in this complex area. A small error can prove to be very expensive for your family in the future. We will help you ensure that you fully understand the implications of any actions you take before you take them.

Much of the planning we recommend take 7 years before it becomes fully effective. Solicitors can prove expensive over the long term and the trust based solutions we offer are usually significantly less expensive over time.

Why Bluebond Tax Planning?

  • We are specialist Inheritance Tax advisers near Middlesex
  • We work entirely on a fee basis and will fully declare all our fees to you in advance of you making any decision.
  • We offer a free no obligation meeting at your home in Middlesex or at our office – which ever you prefer
  • You can only mitigate Inheritance Tax by taking action. Lack of action will mean the tax is payable.

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