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Inheritance tax North London

If you live and own a property in North London you will no doubt be happy with the growth in value of your home over the last few years.

It is reasonable to expect this trend to continue over the coming years but of course the negative is that this means it is likely that your family will simply end up just paying more in Inheritance tax unless you take action.

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Is it possible to legally mitigate this highly punitive tax while still ensuring you do not compromise your own standard of living?

Thankfully the answer is yes. We have been helping people avoid inheritance tax in North London and protect the value of their estates even if their children get divorced for over 16 years. We are a highly specialised firm of Inheritance tax and estate planning tax advisers who make extensive use of the laws around trusts planning to help people in this highly complex area. We even have a separate business training other financial advisers in this specialist area.

Unfortunately, many people wrongly believe that the only way around this tax is to put expensive life insurance into place. This works to pay the tax but can prove to be a very expensive solution over the longer term. Trust based advice may prove more expensive and complex in the short term but is usually much more effective in terms and costs and other benefits over time.

Most of the recommendation we make become fully effective after 7 years but for the elderly or for people who believe they will not live the full 7 years it is possible to mitigate the tax within two years. This area, in particular, requires experienced specialist advice.

Our first meeting is on a no cost and no obligation basis and we are happy to meet in North London or at our office if you prefer. At this meeting, we can explain how we work and the fees involved

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