Inheritance tax advice Welwyn Garden City

Inheritance tax advisors Welwyn
Trust and inheritance tax

Inheritance tax advice Welwyn Garden City

Many people are affected by inheritance tax and are not aware of how much they will pay the tax man when they die?

If your assets exceed £800,000 now, then by the time you pass on the figure will have increased and your children will pay a substantial amount in inheritance tax. If this could be you, then you need to act now.

The price of properties around Welwyn Garden City are likely to continue to rise significantly over the next few years and this will have a huge impact on how much inheritance tax is actually paid by your children or family.

There are a number of plans that can be put in place to reduce your family’s potential inheritance tax bill and our company can work with you to find a plan that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Many advisers will simply advise the use of a life assurance policy but this has a high level of cost over the years. Our trust-based advice and plans are significantly cheaper over the long term and also serve to protect your assets in the event your children get divorced. Most of the planning takes 7 years to become fully effective but if you are over 76 years old or are suffering from ill health it can be done within two years. Specialist experienced advice is essential as small errors can work out to be very expensive over time.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near Welwyn

Bluebond are inheritance tax advisers based in the village of Wheathampstead, 5 miles from Welwyn Garden City. We have been advising clients on their estate and inheritance planning for over 17 years.

We see all our clients at their home and offer the first meeting free with no obligation to you. This meeting is to introduce ourselves and give our recommendations on what plans can be put in place for you; these will be specifically tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Take action now by calling or emailing us for your inheritance tax advice.