Inheritance Tax Advice

You could spend hours trawling the internet for ideas or simply call us on 01582 447069 to get quick answers on how you can avoid inheritance tax

What can we do for you?
Save your family thousands of pounds by legally avoiding Inheritance tax
We can help you mitigate and in many cases eliminate your Inheritance tax and help ensure your assets remain in your family bloodline after you die using bespoke trusts and investment planning.
You are likely to be a suitable client if your current total assets (including the value of your home) exceeds £800,000.
Our fees are fixed and so the higher the value of your estate the more cost effective our advice is for you and your family. We welcome your children to sit in on our meetings with you but we put your lifestyle needs first – We are very careful to ensure that nothing we do will compromise your lifestyle purely to save your children tax.
We do 3 main things for you:
  1. Help you to ensure your financial plans align with your life plans
  2. Help you grow, manage and protect your wealth from inheritance tax
  3. Help you ensure your assets are passed to your children tax efficiently.

Why should you choose to engage us?

Very simply:
  1. We are fully committed to building long term relationships with you
  2. We make every effort to ensure you get the most suitable advice in the areas we specialise in.
  3. We will always go the extra mile to ensure we deliver you financial peace of mind
  4. Excellent service is our standard practice

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