Gifts to avoid Inheritance Tax

There are quite a wide range of gifts that can be made to reduce your Inheritance Tax liability while you are alive as they are classed as Exempt gifts.

Inheritance Tax Gifts Exemptions

You could consider these as an effective, albeit limited, way to reduce your estate and therefore the eventual inheritance tax liability.  However, these must be outright gifts and so you should ensure that they would not affect your income or security as you will forego the right to the income or capital in the future.

Spouse Gifts

  • Gifts from one spouse to another. Please note a person receiving your gifts can be charged Inheritance Tax if you give away more than £325,000 in the 7 years before your death.

Gifts out of Normal Income

  • These must be regular and habitual and must be from income, not capital. It is also sensible to write down your intentions for your executors.

Annual Gift Exemption

  • Annual £3,000 exemption – any part of this exemption not used can be carried forward to the following year only. However, the later year’s exemption must be used completely before using the part, which has been carried forward.3.

Grandparents Gift

Parents Gift

  • Parents gifting allowance of £5,000 in consideration of marriage of their children.

Charity Gifts

  • Gifts to charities.

Other Gifts

  • Gifts for national purposes, political parties, housing associations and certain transfers to employee trusts.

Gifts Record

It is important to keep a written record of all gifts made. If applicable, advise your accountants of them so that they can be correctly dealt with from a tax and reporting point of view. This will also ensure you should benefit from any available relief.

Other gifts over £3000 per year from capital made directly are Potentially exempt transfers which fall back into your estate if you do not survive 7 years after making the gift.

Gifts into Trusts

Gifts into trusts are classified as Chargeable lifetime transfers in that should the gift exceed £325,000, tax is immediately payable at 20%.

Do not make gifts into a trust without proper and experienced advice as merely making gifts in the wrong order can potentially cause an increased tax liability and certainly don’t make a gift of your main residence without taking good advice.

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