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Are you married...
Married couples will pay 40% inheritance tax if the value of your estate exceeds £1 million on the death of second spouse.

… or single?
Single or divorced people will pay 40% Inheritance Tax on all of your wealth which exceeds £500,000.

If you follow our advice and live 7 years, we guarantee your family will pay zero Inheritance Tax, no matter how big your estate is.

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Facing a potential IHT bill?

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What can we help you with

we help you to define your financial goals

we clearly explain how you can achieve these goals

we offer suitable fixed cost solutions to meet your goals

we help you to implement plans you choose to proceed with

we regularly review your plans to ensure they continue to be effective

How our advice works

Find out why getting specialist inheritance tax advice from us is simpler and more cost effective than using a lawyer, accountant or financial adviser.

Frank's story

Find out the problems a typical client encountered and how we helped to solve those problems

The average cost of tax advisor in London is £200 per hour.

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What our clients say

Everyone’s situation is different but having an initial discussion with Charles has really helped me personally navigate what can be a daunting subject

Bobby Chadha

    

Charles has thorough understanding about Inheritance Tax and other financial matters. He has advised us over many years and and was a great help in sorting our Inheritance Tax

Mitzie Green

    

Bluebond helped my parents to solve their substantial inheritance tax problems with efficient advice that will save my family a huge potential tax liability in future.

Pritesh Dattani

    
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