Our services

We strongly believe that our adaptable but highly structured in-house processes and systems help you define and then achieve your personal goals.

We have designed a number of services which address a number of separate needs.

The Bluebond Advanced Tax Planning Review system
– our comprehensive Tax planning service suitable for most clients.

A review of your overall tax position to establish how best you can rearrange your financial affairs to avoid as much tax as possible. We work together with a number of highly qualified tax accountants and tax lawyers to provide tax solutions for people who have generated high potential liabilities in most types of tax, including corporation tax. The service aims to reduce your overall tax liability by the use of both straightforward and more complex tax planning advice.

The Bluebond Inheritance Tax Mitigation process
– for people who expect their estates on the death of both partners to reach in excess of £1 million.

Many people incorrectly believe that inheritance tax is a concern only for the wealthy. Currently, all wealth in excess of £325,000 is taxed at 40%. Most people face problems with respect to estate planning because:

  • they don’t understand the full impact of the applicable legislation
  • they mistakenly rely upon Wills prepared by non-specialist local solicitors
  • they omit to take a holistic view of their situation

The main objectives of this process are to:

  • help you gain a true understanding of the complexities involved and the alternatives open to you
  • help define your estate planning goals within the framework of your lifetime requirements
  • provide a written plan recommending solutions and implementation strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • meet with you and your beneficiaries to fully explain the recommended solutions and strategies
  • help ensure the required, often complex, paperwork is processed efficiently and accurately to completion
  • review your plans annually by post and advise you if any changes are required
  • offer you a meeting at least every 3 years to ensure your plan is adjusted in line with your changing circumstances

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