We quote you in writing the costs of every strategy we recommend so you can determine in advance if you are getting value for money before you proceed.

Fees overview for our Inheritance Tax and Planning services

Some financial planners will charge you by the hour – at Bluebond Tax Planning, we prefer a fixed pre-agreed fee arrangement when working with our millionaire clients.

If we under quote – that’s our problem. If we quote too much, you can and probably will say no.  At least you know up front what it’s going to cost and can make your decision.

All of our fees are fixed and agreed with you in advance of any work being carried out on your behalf.

In the most cases this has the effect of significantly reducing the cost of your Inheritance tax plans over the long term.

The fees we charge will be insignificant compared to the amount of money we will save your family in Inheritance Tax. Usually, a few thousand pounds in fees compared to hundreds of thousands saved.

We are paid in the following ways:

  1. Planning or Advice: By charging a fee for providing detailed solutions to the issues that concern you.
  2. Implementing: By being paid fees for arranging the most appropriate solutions for you.
  3. Recommendation: By being recommended by you because we have delivered great results!

Please see charging details in our FAIR concept of how we work.

In all cases, we will ask you to pay your fees in advance by cheque or bank transfer

Let us help you with your Inheritance tax planning

If you want to get your IHT issues resolved, we would like to invite you to register for our online video tutorial about How to avoid Inheritance Tax . This comprehensive video tutorial is free of charge and gives you practical information on effective financial planning and how to avoid Inheritance Tax. This course is a part of our FAIR concept of working with our clients to ensure their 100% satisfaction with our services.

How to avoid paying Inheritance tax

Learn how to avoid Inheritance tax with our most comprehensive course at the UK market. The course is available for free to anyone interested in IHT solutions. Sign up today.

Our company is using FAIR concept to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Find out more. 

Full Money Back guarantee

You are the sole judge of our performance. We believe that your perception of our performance is the reality. If anything we do falls short of your expectations, we are pleased to offer you a money back service guarantee.