I personally always find it strange that some companies do not declare their fees on their websites.

What’s the point in not letting you know the cost of our services in advance as you will obviously not proceed without that essential information?

As such we have tried to avoid that issue by posting the information in detail below.

All of our fees are fixed and agreed with you in advance of any work being carried out on your behalf. In most cases this has the effect of significantly reducing the cost of your Inheritance tax plans over the long term.

We are paid in the following ways:

  • Planning or Advice
    By charging a fee for providing detailed solutions to the issues that concern you.
  • Implementing
    By being paid fees for arranging the most appropriate solutions for you.
  • Recommendation
    By being recommended by you because we have delivered great results!

As part of our process this is how it works for our clients:

  • Initial video tutorial – FREE of charge to determine if we can actually help you and how. You are under no obligation to proceed past this stage.
  • Advice – You engage us to provide you with personal advice – you pay an agreed fixed fee for a detailed ” Personal recommendations” report followed up by a one to one meeting. This fee is £297.  This initial fee is kept deliberately low to minimise your risk while at least covering the time spent by my administration team.
  • Implementation – If you agree to proceed with our recommendations – You pay an agreed fixed implementation fee by cheque or bank transfer. Obviously, it is impossible to quote this fee in advance as all recommendations are tailor made and it entirely depends on the strategies you choose to implement. We will quote you exactly what those implementation fees will be in your personal recommendations report in advance of you choosing how you wish to proceed.
  • Annual reviews – In most cases this is required to ensure your plans are still effective in line with any changes to tax rules or your personal circumstances. This fee is dependent on your particular circumstances and the complexity of the plans you undertake.

The fees we charge will be insignificant compared to the amount of money we will save your family in Inheritance Tax. Usually, a few thousand pounds in fees compared to hundreds of thousands saved.

The fees we charge are always agreed with you in advance. Our only income streams are fees paid by clients. We receive no kickbacks from suppliers.

In all cases, we will ask you to pay your fees in advance by cheque or bank transfer

No, we only work on fixed fees declared in advance to you.

The problem with hourly rates is that it is an open checkbook and you may simply be paying for inefficiency.

We quote you in writing the costs of every strategy we recommend so you can determine in advance if you are getting value for money before you proceed.

We believe we offer amazing value for money based on the results that you will achieve by working with us.

We are so confident in our programme that we offer a full money back written guarantee on your implementation fees if you are not delighted with the results.

Our Guarantee

We want you to be delighted with the work we do for you, and are therefore pleased to offer an unconditional service guarantee.

  • If our service falls short of your expectations for any individual transaction, we will refund any amount that you consider to be appropriate, up to the total fee for that transaction, irrespective of our views. – that’s a full money back guarantee!

Now obviously I would prefer to caveat that;

To be fair, if we have paid outside firms such as solicitors or tax advisers to carry out work on your behalf we will not be able to refund that element of any fee paid to us.

The main things we want to achieve by offering this service guarantee are that it helps people understand we are serious about how we deal with you and we are prepared to “put our money where our mouths are”

We believe most people are honest and would not claim on this guarantee unless we have fallen down on our promises. However because the guarantee exists, we make every effort to make sure there is never a need to claim on it. This results in high-quality levels of service.

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