This page explains the differences of our services compared to most other firms

What is special about your services?

The following are points we consider most important:

  • The emphasis we place on life planning for the future and regularly reviewing your situation.
  • Our long-term approach to client relationships – you will always deal with the same Adviser unless you agree to a change.
  • High quality staff to ensure a higher than usual level of service – we are prepared to accept a lower profit margin to achieve this.
  • A highly structured approach to the way we carry out any analytical work on your behalf.
  • Early adoption of the latest technology and approaches to business systems – we have developed our own unique computer software tools to help us ensure you receive an efficient and effective service.
  • Our range of skills and experience – our Advisers have more than 20 years’ experience in the tax planning profession.
  • Our programme of continuous professional development and determination to be competent, reliable, proactive and helpful.
  • All our fees are pre-agreed with you so you know exactly what it will cost you before we start working on your behalf.
  • Our quality of service guarantee.

The differences in the Bluebond approach are:

  • We will fully discuss all payment options with you at our first meeting.
  • Our role is that of trusted Adviser and not financial product salesperson.
  • We create long-term relationships with our clients to enable us to offer comprehensive and integrated help and guidance without bias.

The results of poor advice can be far more costly than the fees we charge.

What are the differences in your approach?

Advanced Tax Planning

We offer comprehensive tax planning service suitable for most clients.

  • We offer a review of your overall tax position to establish how best you can rearrange your financial affairs to avoid as much tax as possible.
  • We work together with a number of highly qualified tax accountants and tax Lawyers to provide tax solutions for people who have generated high potential liabilities in most types of tax, including corporation tax.
  • The service aims to reduce your overall tax liability by the use of both straightforward and more complex tax planning advice.

How will your services benefit me?

We recognise that people care most about legally avoiding tax as quickly and safely as possible without wasting money along the way.

  • We help you implement your inheritance tax and estate planning as simply and securely as possible.
  • We help you recognise and reduce the inherent risks in a way which considerably improves the likelihood of your success.
  • We help you do this by selecting and implementing the most appropriate strategies for you.
  • Firstly we would like to point out that it is very rare to get any sort of service guarantee from a professional services company.
  • We want you to be delighted with the work we do for you, and are therefore pleased to offer an unconditional service guarantee on your initial fee. If our service falls short of your expectations for any individual transaction, we will refund any amount that you consider to be appropriate, up to the total fee for that transaction, irrespective of our views.

What sort of guarantee do I have on the quality of your services?

We help UK residents with over £1 million in current assets pay ZERO in inheritance tax

One stop comprehensive specialist advice - Tax, financial planning and legal advice service service with 18 years experience.

How We Work with You

We act with integrity, honesty and openness in everything we do for and with you.

We respect the confidentiality of our working relationship.

We provide you with unbiased, comprehensive financial planning advice.

We meet the deadlines we set.

We help UK residents with over £1 million in current assets pay ZERO in inheritance tax

One stop comprehensive specialist advice - Tax, financial planning and legal advice service with 18 years experience.

The information contained in this web site is for UK consumers only.  Like most firms of solicitors and accountants, Bluebond Tax Planning is not regulated by the FCA. The content of this website does not constitute FCA regulated financial advice and all content is provided for general information purposes only. Bluebond is not responsible for any action you may take as a result of information on this site. All advice will be delivered on a personal basis once we fully understand your situation and our client agreements have been signed.

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