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This 90 Minutes FREE Saturday morning webinar covers solutions to Estate Planning and IHT problems. Most of the time is spent giving answers to attendees questions.

Anyone who attends the full webinar will be entitled to a FREE 30 minutes 1-1 personal meeting with Charles.

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Charles De Lastic
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Managing Director at Bluebond

Anyone who attends the full webinar will be entitled to a FREE 30 minutes 1-1 personal meeting with Charles to answer any questions they have that occur to them after the webinar. To save time and add value to the webinar please submit ALL your questions in advance as Charles will almost certainly be able to answer all pre-submitted questions during the webinar.

What Will You Get From This Webinar?


Wills and Estate Planning


IHT benefits of good
Estate Planning


Your questions on Estate Planning


Inheritance Tax Solutions


Questions on Inheritance Tax


IHT and Rental Property Portfolios


Using Partnerships and Family investment Companies to avoid IHT


Avoiding IHT on a high value main residence


Time Spent Answering all of your Questions

Note: This weekly 90 minutes FREE webinar covers solutions to Estate Planning and IHT problems. Most of the time is spent giving answers to attendees questions.

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Everyone’s situation is different but having an initial discussion with Charles has really helped me personally navigate what can be a daunting subject

Bobby Chadha

    

Charles has thorough understanding about Inheritance Tax and other financial matters. He has advised us over many years and and was a great help in sorting our Inheritance Tax

Mitzie Green

    

Bluebond helped my parents to solve their substantial inheritance tax problems with efficient advice that will save my family a huge potential tax liability in future.

Pritesh Dattani

    

Meet Your IHT Specialist

Charles de Lastic

My Purpose – I inspire, help and coach people to live happier more productive lives.

I use this purpose statement to help ensure I make the right decisions and take the right actions.

My Purpose

My Purpose – I inspire, help and coach people to live happier more productive lives.
Putting it up here encourages me and everyone I engage with to hold me accountable for this statement. It took a while for me to pluck up the courage to place such a bold statement on this and other websites but now it’s done it pushes me to achieve my purpose.

  • Why inspire? – It reminds me to set and achieve high standards.

  • Why help? – It reminds me to be active and “hands on.”

  • Why coach? – It’s effective in helping people to succeed

  • Why happier? – It’s a fundamental driver for everyone.

  • Why productive? – Being productive means creating as much value in the world as efficiently and effectively as possible.

My Background

My name is Charles de Lastic, and at the time of updating this in 2018, I am 62 years old. I live in the sleepy village of Wheathampstead in Hertfordshire, England with my wife and long-term partner of 23 years Heather. Heather and I met at Salsa dancing classes, and she is, without a doubt, one of the most organised people in the world – we make a great team. Our daughter, Kirsten, is a primary school teacher who lives with her boyfriend Sam who is a PE teacher.

My father died when I was very young. My mother Rita (87 this year) is living on the Gold Coast in Australia and playing a lot of golf. My two brothers – Robert lives in Australia in the same town as my mother, and Peter lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.I love to ski (downhill on snow), any form of water sport (especially kite surfing) take lots of interesting holidays (as you can tell by the tan in the photo above) and have meals out with friends.

At age 18 I started work in the equities department for the Queens Bank Coutts and Co in the city of London. After a few years, I decided I preferred working more with people and joined Sainsbury’s, rising to become a deputy store manager. This role gave me a solid foundation in business operations, systems and team management.

I “semi-retired at 31” to run my own business – a bar and restaurant on the Greek island of Lefkas. For seven years most of my summer days were spent windsurfing and evenings working in the bar. In the winters I indulged my passion for skiing and worked as a holiday rep in the French Alps for Thomsons and Inghams.

Eventually, I decided I was getting a bit long in the tooth for that hedonistic lifestyle, so I returned to the UK and trained to become a financial adviser with Lloyds Bank and then Barclays Bank. At Barclays, I worked mainly with business owners as clients.About 17 years ago we set up Bluebond as a separate consultancy business as a specialist in Inheritance Tax and Estate planning. We help the wealthy retired, investment property owners and business owners with their tax planning

Why I founded Bluebond Tax Planning

After a few years working as a financial adviser mainly with business owners and professionals like doctors, dentists, accountants etc I found the most value I was bringing to clients was in the area of Inheritance tax advice as the savings when done properly can be huge. I felt there was a gap in the market as solicitors understand the legal side, accountants understand the tax side, and financial advisers understand financial products but almost no one has trained in all 3 areas in depth. I decided to train myself across all 3 areas and have spent the last 16 years advising clients in this specialist area.

My specialist knowledge across legal advice, tax advice and the financial products which impact on IHT is what makes Bluebond such a valuable resource to people with Inheritance tax problems.

My perspective is to help clients legally mitigate all taxes as I see no point in avoiding inheritance tax only to pay more income tax or Capital gains tax. Due to the complexity of Tax planning, I often find that just a few slight changes to the way people hold and deal with their assets can save considerable amounts in Tax over the years.

As Heather and I have also invested in our own property portfolio since 2005 I am also able to help Landlords in their tax planning as invariably professional landlords also have a large IHT problem as well.

Enjoy the journey

My Purpose
My Background
Why I founded Bluebond Tax Planning

What can we help you with

we help you to define your financial goals

we clearly explain how you can achieve these goals

we offer suitable fixed cost solutions to meet your goals

we help you to implement plans you choose to proceed with

we regularly review your plans to ensure they continue to be effective

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Find out why getting specialist inheritance tax advice from us is simpler and more cost effective than using a lawyer, accountant or financial adviser.

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