How 30-40 YEAR Olds Can Make 10 Years Salary In 10 Hours

This blog focuses on how 30 40 year olds can make the equivalent of 10 years’ salary in just 10 hours by resolving their parents inheritance tax problem.

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How to Make 10 Years’ Salary in 10 Hours When Aged Between 30 to 40.

This blog focuses on clients’ children and how they can make 10 years’ salary in just 10 hours by resolving their parents inheritance tax problem.   Normally, it takes around 10 hours of client time to deal with their inheritance tax and in general the savings are usually significant compared to the time spent.

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How to save 40% of your inheritance tax

Inheritance Tax growth over time

A key problem is that the amount of inheritance tax payable will grow over time.  If your parents are aged 55 to 60 currently and have an estate valued at around £1 million, then any growth on this estate will incur a 40% inheritance tax charge.  In fact, we have calculated that after approximately 15 years, this tax will double and after 25 years, it will triple. By the time your parents have reached age 80-85, they will be paying triple the amount of inheritance tax than they are faced with now.

Whose problem is this?

Essentially, this is not really your parent’s problem as they will be going into retirement with their pensions and any remaining assets. However, if they don’t deal with their inheritance tax issue, the cost will be on you, their beneficiary, who will have to write out a very large cheque to HMRC.

Cultural issues

I have found that over the years I seem to have a disproportionate number of Asian clients which I attribute to a difference in cultural attitudes. I have found that Asian people seem much more inclined to talk to their parents about money issues, whereas British people can be more reticent about family finances. However, I think that it is important to remember that most parents would want to retain money within the family.

Estate protection

Without going into depth, estate protection concerns retaining wealth within the family bloodline and ensures that one generation can offer support to future ones, for example by providing for the cost of the children’s future education.

For example, a key problem faced in many families is divorce. Undoubtably, divorce can reduce the money that your parents left you. Let us say that your parents leave you a million pounds and you get divorced. Here, you risk losing 50% of the money. Another relevant problem is bankruptcy.  If your business goes bankrupt, you then face losing all your inherited money. Here, by using trusts as part of the estate planning process, you can protect these assets and keep them within the family.

Often you can save more money through Estate Planning than you can through using your inheritance tax allowances. This is because, if your children get divorced, 50% of their asset base could leave the family. If they become bankrupt, 100% of their asset base could leave the family. These amounts could be more than the 40% tax saving allowance on the first £1million of your estate value.


It is very common for people to delay tackling the problem. This is often linked to the complexity of the process: in many firms, clients may have to see lawyers, accountants and a separate firm of financial advisors. Bluebond, as a specialist firm, unites all three areas together (tax, legal and financial planning) which makes solving the problem much easier for the clients.

Why you should deal with IHT early

Given the uncertainty of life, the earlier that an inheritance tax problem is sorted out, the more options you have left and the less risk is associated in solving the problem. This is why I have some clients who are dealing with their Inheritance Tax aged only 55, even though they may live for another 30 years. Moreover, the bigger the size of the estate, the earlier you should act.

What can you do?

Essentially, the person that is affected most by a lack of action is you. However, there is no such thing as an estate that is too big where the issue cannot be solved. It can be done. Making sure that there is time, meaning everything is done properly, is essential. Talk to your parents about the estate. Consider that the estate planning is important because often you can save more through correct planning than through inheritance tax savings on the first £1 million. And, most importantly, deal with the problem early and do not become fazed by possible complexity. Afterall, you are going to pay the tax unless you take the necessary precautions.

Like all matters related to inheritance tax, experienced advice is essential.

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