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Inheritance tax East London

Will you family end up paying a lot of money in inheritance tax simply because you failed to take experienced specialist advice early enough?

Why not review your inheritance liability and save your family thousands of pounds?

House prices in East London are increasing at a remarkable rate over the last few years and are likely to continue to do so. What impact will this have on how much inheritance tax your family eventually pays?

Face to face advice in such a complex and important topic is essential.

We are specialist inheritance tax advisers near East London

Bluebond are inheritance tax specialists based in Hertfordshire which is about 30 minutes drive from most of East London and have been specialised in advising clients on estate planning and avoiding inheritance tax for over 16 years. It is highly unlikely we will not be able to help you and your family save thousands of pounds in inheritance tax.

With the correct advice and planning ahead properly you can significantly reduce the amount your family will end up paying to the taxman. Bluebond will discuss your main objectives with you and help and advise you on the most suitable type of plan to help you mitigate this tax. The plan and the action involved will ensure your beneficiaries pay as little tax as possible and protect your assets for your family bloodline.

It is known that many advisers will recommend an insurance plan that you could be paying a high level of increasing premiums for many years. This is an expensive option and in many circumstances is not effective as a trust as the cost to tend to be high over the years.

Bluebond will meet with you at your home in East London or at our office so that we can spend time with you to assess your present and long-term financial goals. We can then recommend to you the best plans to put in place to ensure your family saves thousands in inheritance tax in the event of your death.

It takes 7 years for assets to fall out of your estate once the planning is done so we recommend you take action now and do not delay.

Call or email Bluebond to arrange your free appointment at no obligation for your inheritance tax advice.