Inheritance Tax Planning That Is Unlikely To Be Challenged

There are not many things that would persuade the Chancellor to forfeit their 40% share of our estates. However both Labour and Conservative Chancellors alike have recognised that small companies are the engine room of British economic growth and that offering IHT mitigation is a sensible way to encourage the kind of private investment needed to nurture our most promising businesses.

Investments in AIM shares offer 100% relief from IHT after just two years, making it one of the simplest, safest ways to protect your wealthiest clients from inheritance tax.

Of course AIM investing is not without risk. That is why due diligence on the companies that you use to advise you on which shares to buy is essential. You don’t want to avoid 40% tax only to make a 50% loss on the value of the investment.

Our portfolios are managed by one of the country’s best small cap investment houses and is a focused portfolio of lower risk companies. It also comes with the option of loss of value insurance protection at a modest additional cost.

Key benefits of our recommended AIM Portfolios:

  • It offers 100% IHT exemption after just two years
  • Investments are made in your name so you retain control of your capital – no need for complex trusts and surrendering authority
  • You have access to the capital and money can be withdrawn at any time
  • Focused “best ideas” portfolio, expertly managed within a cautious mandate
  • The portfolio can be insured against loss of value
  • Insurance is also available to protect against the effects your death before the two year qualifying period.

This is an area where experienced advice is essential so please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.